Improve Your ROI on Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

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Studies have proven that in America and Canada, people between the ages of 18 and 34 years of age prefer to learn about marketing offers by mail instead of by online sources. They also proved that 36% more people trust the mail more than they trust e-mail. This makes direct mail marketing campaigns more important to business looking to reach potential customers.

When you choose a direct mail campaign as your marketing technique, there are several things that you can do to improve on the ROI of your campaign. Defining your objective is a great way to make improvements; this will allow you to know what you are aiming for with your campaign. You may be trying to build brand awareness, introduce a new product or service or to establish leads. Without a clear objective, it can be difficult to determine the success of your campaign.

You should also include a clear offer and a call to action request, not having a call to action request can hurt your campaign. Also by including a discount offer or a special offer with a deadline you will create a bigger incentive for your target audience to respond.

Create more than one way for your audience to respond to your campaign, this will allow everyone their choice of ways that they can respond. You might include a response by email, by website or by phone. This will create several choices for response methods and increase your rate of response.

Using real customer testimonials will also help your campaign to be more successful. These testimonials will provide positive references to your business. People have a tendency to find peers as a reliable source. A message from one or several of your customer’s can have a greater influence on your prospects for the future. Once they’ve heard the positive things about your product or service, they’ll be more inclined to see for themselves.

Following up on your campaign with a simple and quick phone call will allow you to establish a relationship with a prospect customer after they have learned about your business or service. It’s a great opportunity to provide more information or answer any questions that a potential customer or client may have.

Track the results of your campaign and monitor the results. Knowing the exact number of people that respond to your mailing campaign will allow you to know the success of your campaign. Tracking will allow you to run a better campaign each time. You’ll learn more about your target audience making your campaign more successful each time.

Before completing your current campaign, have a plan for your next campaign that works hand in hand. Creating a series of direct mail marketing campaigns will allow you to do a thorough introduction of your products or services.

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