Direct Mail Postcard Advertising for the Beginner

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There are several ways to market your business including radio, television, newspaper and more. With television and radio, your advertisement can easily be turned off and with newspapers you may not be reaching your targeted audience. As these forms of marketing can also be expensive you can spend more than what you yield on your investment. With printing and direct mail, you’ll be able to have the upper hand.

The benefits of direct mailing are simple, they are direct. Only those that fit a demographic or customer segment will receive your postcards and they are those that will need or want what you have to offer. Printed postcards don’t require being opened or unfolded which gives them the best chance of capturing immediate attention. They are also more affordable and usually have a high response. These are the elements that make them the perfect form of marketing strategy for a beginning direct mail marketer.

Your fist step should be to define your target audience by what they have in common. Details such as their age, income, demographics, and geographic location will help you compile your target audience. After you’ve defined your list, you will a consumer or business list of the prospects that fit your demographics.

Appealing to the needs and desires of your target audience will be the next item on your direct mail postcard campaign agenda. Plan the problems that your prospects have and how you can help them solve them. Include a great offer on your postcard that will motivate them to take the next step which is to purchase your product or use your service. Postcards don’t often make direct sales but they bring the prospects to your business with free coupons or giveaways.

The design of your postcard needs to be clean and use quality images that convey good feelings and emotions from your target audience. Create a theme for your postcard that includes your business logo so that you postcard campaign is about your services, products and your offer that will still appeal to your audience. Concise text that will motivate your prospects by using large headlines and strong phrases and an immediate call to action are what will make your direct mail postcard a bigger success for you business. The call to action will tell the audience how to take the next step in using your service or purchasing your product. This can be by coming to your storefront, calling your place of business or visiting your website.

Having your postcard professionally printed and mailed, you will ensure that you business maintains a credible appearance with your targeted audience. Bulk mailing your promotional pieces will save you money. Postcards will offer a higher return on your investment. Your postcards will need to stand out from your competitors and by using a larger size or adding a gloss finish you will be able to accomplish this. Ask your printing and direct mail service provider to help you to create a successful campaign. They may suggest an every door direct mail or direct mail to list campaign for your business.

Direct mail postcards are an easy process when done correctly that can yield huge results for your business. As reputation sells, it may be a smart idea to plan for multiple postcard mailing spread out over a certain period of time.

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