Five Tips for Creating Powerful Postcards

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One of the best ways to drive return on your investment and increase your profits is with direct mail postcards. When used properly full color postcards yield high response rates and are very affordable.

1. Provide a great offer

Your postcard should be able to deliver an offer that is valuable to your customers. Promotional codes, frees services, coupons, discounts and free products will all drive positive responses to your direct mail advertising. Put yourself in the mind of your customers and offer what you would respond to if you were the customer. Don’t think like your competitors and offer the same thing they are offering, keep your offer unique and desirable for your customers.

2. Make it big

Oversized postcards will allow you to make a larger impression on your audience. A 6 inch by 11 inch postcard that is full color will look much better in the mailbox and will also get the first look. Though they may cost a little more, they are worth the investment due to the great return.

3. Make it bold

A postcard design that is compelling and focused on your offer is going to benefit your business much more than something less professional or plain. Let your audience know that you are the sole solution to their needs. Hiring a direct mail advertising firm that can produce postcards that are bold and bright so that they attract the attention of our audience with a message and headline that will guarantee response.

4. Keep it quality

Don’t cheapen your company’s image with cheap postcards, invest in high quality postcards printed in full color that are still affordable and cost efficient. Quality gloss paper will demonstrate to your audience that you are in the habit of delivering quality service and products. Customer’s have a tendency of trusting a company that uses quality marketing materials.

5. Print on both sides

When mail is delivered, it is usually delivered with the address side facing up, and many postcards will have nothing printed on the side with the address which can cause them to be thrown in the trash. A short but strong message can be printed on the address side of the postcard allowing you to double the chance that the customers will flip it to read the other side and find your offer. This will result in a better response for your marketing investment.

About 40 percent of your direct mail advertising success is due to your mailing list and an equal amount is in the offer that you place on your postcard, the other 20 percent is everything else. These are the reasons that you will want to use a quality direct mail advertising service.

Follow these tips to launch your direct mail campaign and reap your benefits now.

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