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Don’t fall for the myth that all you need is a good website. Unfortunately, it takes much more than that these days to get effective results. Many companies don’t have a website or are unhappy with their current site. There are also many that tell us they have a great looking website that cost them a lot of money – the problem is that it doesn’t generate any leads!

To get really good results you need a comprehensive campaign – A Market Domination Campaign! As the search engines keep changing the way that they present their results, a website (even if it ranks well) is getting less and less exposure. Pay per click, Google Local Maps and even video is now often placed above the organic search results.

Due to many changes that are happening as well as the fact that more and more of your competitors are getting online is making it harder and more expensive to get effective results. This trend is only going to continue! Keeping up with all the changes is a full time job and you should be focused on running your company. The sooner you get started, the cheaper and more effective your results will be.

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