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Small businesses like restaurants, pizzerias, gift shops, boutiques, etc… will never have the ability to send out large volume direct mail on giant postcards. It would just be too expensive and they could never recoup the cost even with a high response.

With our system, we’re instantly making it a possibility for small businesses. Let’s say there are around 25,000 people in your suburb area. Many of those people are babies, children, and teenagers. There’s approximately 2.2 people living in each home, and the residential mailing addresses total only about 10,000 homes.

We are sending gigantic sized postcards to all 10,000 of those homes. That means for under $500 your business would be able to get a coupon into EVERY SINGLE home in our area. Every single one with 100% exposure.

We are featuring coupons for services and products that everyone uses, so getting double digit returns will be no problem whatsoever.

    • All the SEO in the world isn’t going to reach the people who don’t have computers or aren’t searching for you.
    • All the radio advertising in the world isn’t going to reach the people not listening to the radio.
    • All the TV advertising in the world isn’t going to reach the people not watching commercials.
    • All the mobile marketing in the world isn’t going to reach the people that don’t use smart phones.

but EVERYONE gets their mail, and EVERYONE has to look at your amazing postcard and dynamic advertisement from Hot Local Dealz. It’s completely unlike any other direct mail marketing piece, and the best part is, it costs as little as 4.9 cents per home.


Take a look at this image of a small sample within postal carrier route.

These are only 10% of the homes in this carrier route. And less than 1% of the total residences we will be mailing to.

Imagine the lifestyles of these residents… they keep their yards clean and attractive, they like nice clothes, they have family pizza night, they go out to eat often, they improve their homes, they have pools or they dream of having a pool, they drink wine with friends, they have their pets groomed…

Do you think that a postcard sent to these families with coupons for pizza, clothing, pet grooming, wine, restaurants, contracting, carpet cleaning, and other similar services will be welcomed in the mail by them? This is the heart of our method.

These are also the type of people that will instantly THROW AWAY junk mail. A Valpak or coupon book arrives and they toss it out because they don’t have the time or need to look at it.

But send them a big postcard with a huge coupon that says “FREE PIZZA” on it and you bet it will get looked over real well.

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